Sometimes I feel we humans fail to see the bigger picture. Our mind is obscured with feeble thoughts. We get so wrapped up in our naïve thoughts and actions that we don’t fully understand our purpose. Issues like ‘do you go to the toilet with your right feet first or your left’, and ‘is chess halal or not’, are what becomes important to us. We then claim to have reached a new spiritual level and start worrying about tatbir being right or wrong and whether Wilayat Faqih is the way forward. We soon get over this and focus on the Imams. Should we mourn more for a particular Imam? Should I visit Najaf 10x a year? Go Howzah in Qom? As we progress past this, we get to the Prophet (pbuh). We try to understand him better. Try to speak, act, behave and worship like him. But wait… worship. WORSHIP. That’s what we’ve been looking for. All of this journey was to reach this level so we can worship our Creator. That’s our purpose. That’s what I believe looking at the bigger picture is. Realising that the simple things we worry about are not important. Only Allah is. Worshipping Allah is.



As the name and title of this Tumblr suggests, I’ve made this account purely to get away from the outside day-to-day world. I’ve made it so that no one is aware of who I am or what this is about. I feel the need to express myself and my thoughts. I’d like to search for my purpose of existence and discover myself again. Thus I thought I’d document this journey in the hope that in a few years time, I read back on it and smile at my accomplishments in life.

To put everything into perspective, I’ll start with a few brief background details. I’ve recently turned 21 years of age and have completed my three out of four years of university. I’m rather confused about life and am searching for myself, my mind, my soul. I believe that only once I’ve found myself and my purpose, am I able to help and inspire others.

"Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned, and to  You is the destination." [60:4]